UFO and Paranormal Discussion Group
Heidi Hollis

She is the founder and director of UFO2U, since 1997. She aimed to create a group that was open to all who were interested in learning about outlandish topics. So many groups are only scientifically based, ask for member fees, or only allowed experiencers to attend meetings. UFO2U has always been about bringing various topics to a comfortable level where anyone can come learn from experiencers, researchers or the curious. 

Heidi Hollis is an author, host of the popular radio program Heidi Hollis-The Outlander and a lecturer. To learn more about her, Shadow People, The Hat Man, Jesus Encounters and her many projects, please visit:

IN-PERSON MEETINGS: UFO2U is based in Milwaukee, WI and meets in Menomonee Falls, WI at their Library located at W156 N8436 Pilgrim Road, Menomonee Falls, WI, 53051 on the Northwestern border of Milwaukee on the 3rd SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH from 2-5PM CST.  Eventually, we hope to have the ability for people to Skype-into the meetings to join in the conversations at hand. For more info about the library visit: Menomonee Falls Public Library

EMAIL GROUP: UFO2U DISCUSSION GROUP: For those who cannot attend the meetings, there is also a Yahoo group online that connects people via emails instead of a "social network." Join us here: Yahoo Email Group

FACEBOOK GROUP: PARANORMAL PLEDGE: For those who do like social networking, please join us on Facebook under the name of PARANORMAL PLEDGE  here: Paranormal Pledge Facebook Group

Every Friday at 9PM EST/8PM CST, Heidi hosts one of the most liveliest and informative programs out there on the most Outlandish and mysterious topics. You can get personal advice on your Outlandish experiences or curiosities from Heidi Hollis or her many guests. There are unique ways to hear her show:  Get the IRN App for your phone, call a phone number to hear the show, or join in the live chat room! Get all the details and tune-in LIVE here: www.InceptionRadioNetwork.com If you miss the show, then hear the PODCAST here: Heidi Hollis-The Outlander Archives

UFO SKYWATCH IN DUNDEE, WI: The UFO2U meeting for every July, gets moved to Dundee, WI where an ever popular UFO Daze Skywatch takes place--ALL DAY LONG! Hundreds show up. Some will take it as a party, while the people who host the event and the people who made it popular take it VERY serious. There are photos of UFOS to be seen and many people to meet, and sometimes even authors and speakers will present on topics. Go to Benson's Hideaway (Restaurant and Boat-launch) starting at Noon located at: N4241 Boy Scout Road, Campbellsport, WI, and call for more info: (920) 533-8219 
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