UFO and Paranormal Discussion Group

Welcome to our group that has been going strong since 1997!

This group has monthly meetings, a radio show, an online emailing group and a Facebook group!

Take a look around and connect with us about ANYTHING OUTLANDISH like:

Aliens, Ghosts, Angels, Visions, Prophecies, Shadow People, Jesus Encounters, UFOs, Near Death Experiences, Hat Man Phenomenon, Conspiracy Theories, Spiritual Insight, Psychic Phenomenon, Coast To Coast AM topics, Bigfoot, End of the World Revelations, Poltergeist, Demons, Out of Body Experiences, Alien Abductions, Possessions, Ghost Hunting, UFO Skywatches, Miracles, Biblical Studies, Mother Mary Sightings, Ancient History, Quantum Physics...

Essentially: "If its WEIRD, we're HERE!"

But really, we are here for anyone who is seeking answers and for those who are willing to help share what they know, too. It's all about growing, learning, and being open without cramming anyone's beliefs down another person's throat! 

So, we keep it light, fun, interesting, serious, scientific, subjective, personal and broad! In other words, we are sure you will fit right in with us no matter who you are, or what you believe!
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